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B.O.N.E. Enterprise Faces Of Death
(1993 Stoney Burke Records)
Creepin' On Ah Come Up
(June 21, 1994 Sony Relativity Records)
East 1999 Eternal
(July 25, 1995 Ruthless Records)
The Art Of War
(July 29, 1997 Ruthless Records)

Tha Bone Thugs Palace


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Here is every title of all Bone songs, including solo albums. WALLY EVEN THOUGH YOUR GONE, YOU STILL GOT LOVE FROM BONE! For direct Bone lyrics, visit the link under this text OR press the title of a song beside the album cover below.

Bone Thug Lyrics

The Collection, Volume 1
(November 24, 1998 Ruthless Records)
(February 29, 2000 Ruthless Records)
The Collection, Volume 2
(November 14, 2000 Ruthless Records)
Thug World Order
(October 29, 2002 Ruthless Records)             
Greatest Hits
(November 16, 2004 Ruthless Records)
Disc 1
1. Carol Of The Bones
2. Thugish Ruggish Bone
3. Foe Tha Love Of $ ( Feat. Eazy-E)
4. 1st Of Tha Month
5. Shoot 'Em Up
6. Buddah Lovaz
7. Days Of Our Livez
8. Tha Crossroads
9. Thug Luv (Featuring 2Pac)
10. Notorious Thugs (Feat. Notorious B.I.G.)
11. Breakdown (Feat. Mariah Carey)
12. All Good
13. Look Into My Eyes

Disc 2
14. Blaze It
15. Get 'Cha Thug On
16. Thug Mentality
17. Resurrection (Paper Paper)
18. Ecstacy
19. Weed Song
20. Still The Greatest (Feat. Big Chan)
21. Get Up & Get It (Feat. 3LW and Felicia)
22. Money, Money
23. Ghetto Cowboy
24. Thugz Cry
25. Home (Feat. Phil Collins)
26. Cleveland In The City (Feat. Avant)

Bone 4 Life EP                    
(September 9, 2005 Independent)                                 
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Favorite CD

My favorite Bone CD is The Art Of War. I really like double discs and all of the songs are good. In this CD Bone focuses more on the harmony than the thug mentality.

Favorite Song
My NEW favorite song is going to have to be a song off Krayzie Bone's album Thug Mentality 1999... "Drama"

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